My name is Dieudonné Moukétou-Tarazewicz, and thank you for visiting my personnal web pages. These pages detail my research and scholarly programs, my work as teacher, my service and various other activities. 


I am interested in how Peoples use natural water and land ressources through lenses such as theory, management, hazards, sustainability and habitat. My PhD work was with Professor Jan R. Oledzki at the University of Warsaw, and I have inherited Oledzki’s ideas about rigor in science for aiding the understanding of interactions between people with their environments.


Dieudonné at Ndogo laguna, Petit Louango National Park, NY

I am an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University Omar Bongo of Libreville, and I also have affiliations with the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies (University of Warsaw-PL). I specialize in the hydrogeomorphology (Fluvial Geomorphology), the fusion of Geomorphology with Hydrology, remote sensing and land and water mapping. My current Curriculum Vitae (CV).

My educational background included secondary education at catholic College Saint Gabriel and Val-Marie (Mouila, NG), a B.S. in Geography at the University Omar Bongo (Libreville, ES), a M.A. in Geography at Omar Bongo University (Libreville, ES), and, in 2000, a Postgraduate level (DEA) at the Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis were I met my wife, Monika. My Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Warsaw (Warsaw, PL) where I’m presently a postdoctoral internship from 2014-2017.