Teaching has always been the center of my professional life because the sharing of content has always been more important than the content itself. This was true in Octobre 2004 when I was recruted by the French Alliance of warsaw to teach french language to different public, and it remains true today as I teach the introductory pedology and geology for geographer students at UOB, teach general and thematic cartography, help to have basic knowledge in aerial photos and satellite images interpretation and co-advise many graduate students.

I intend to supervise graduate students on subjects such as the fusion of physical geography, environmental geography and GIScience, as well as the intersection of physical geography with issues of sustainability and hazards, and on more “pure” topics such as hydrogeomorphology processes and remote sensing.


The topics on General & thematic cartography are:
Orientation Means
Latitude, Longitude and Geographic Coordinates
Time zones
Cartographic projections
Topographical maps
Elements of maps


The science that studies the soil is Pedology. Soil is one of the most important components to regulate the functioning of life on Earth. From it comes the necessary food to our metabolism, but the erosive processes are increasingly damaging the support of food in the world, because these processes end up taking away the rich horizons in organic matter, which are fundamental to the development of plants.

Geology is the science that studies the Earth, its composition, structure, physical properties, history and the processes that gives the Earth its shape. In Geography, one must understand some of the geological phenomena that have happened and are still happening on Earth, to understand how the man appropriates the spaces, removing mineral resources for their own development. Also, understand some geological dynamics that can be catastrophic, such as earthquakes.

The sections on pedology and geology are: 

The Geological Time

The Structures of the Earth

The Tectonics Plate

The Volcanism / Metamorphism

The Rocks (Sedimentary and Metamorphic)

The Minerals

The Geological Macrostructures

Geology of the south-west Gabon

The Pedogenesis

The Weathering

The Horizons

The Texture of soils

The Fertility

The Classification

The Management and conservation


The Geomorphology is the science of the Earth forms and processes involved in general. The main topics on geomorphology are:

  • The Structural Geomorphology
  • The Dynamic Geomorphology


Visual interpretation of aerial photos and satellite images is based on
our ability to relate colours and patterns in an image to real world
features. Images can be interpreted by being displayed on a computer
monitor or in hard copy form.
This document provides an introduction to visual image interpretation. It
explains interpretation fundamentals and shows how to recognise the main
elements of images. It gives practical tips about the scale of maps and
images, and the relevance of fieldwork for image interpretation.