I consider myself an open-minded geographer with an interest in human-environment interactions, as well as the methods and philosophies of geographic research. Within those areas, my research and scholarly activities fall in two major areas: physical geography and geographic information system. I am particularly interested in the riverscape and phytoscape from tropical environment of the congo basin. I am also interested in land and water mapping.

I try to establish and coordinate the UOB Gabonese Group for Research on Remote Sensing & GIS (GGRTS), and I want to collaborate with other groups interested by the Tropical Environmental, the WGiSR Remote Sensing Lab, and the Earth Surface Processes Laboratory.

Topical Areas of Emphasis

The Natural and Human Landscapes
Remote Sensing & GIS for landscape, phytoscape and hydroscape mapping
The Hydrogeomorphology of tropical Watersheds
The Interactions of Humans and Rivers Ecosystems
Tropical Geomorphology Processes
The Roles of Drones and Images in Physical Geography

  • Ngounie and Nyanga River watershed, South west Gabon
  • Mougalaba National Park, Nyanga
  • Tsumbu, Isapela, Mayindi and Itsitsiba blue Lakes, Mouila
  • Blue Lake, Ndendé
  • Black Lake, Ndendé

Specialty Tools for Analysis and Synthesis

GIS Software (Erdas, Idrisi, ArcGIS, Qgis)
Satellites Images (Landsat, Spot and Ikonos)
Models for Environmental Simulation
HEC-RAS and GeoHec-RAS
Drones for Land and Water Mapping

Current Projects


Land Cover Dynamics of the Ngounie and Nyanga rivers Watershed, NYANGOU-GIS

This research centers on the historical changes in Willamette River morphology, sediment transport, hydraulics and hydrology, and the interactions of these with near-channel riparian and floodplain areas. One of the goals is to understand the geomorphic effects of management strategies on the river, such as dam operations and channel bank armoring. Techniques include aerial imagery and Lidar-based analysis, sediment measurements on channel bars, modeling of hydraulics and sediment transport, and remote-sensing and sonar-based bathymetric mapping.

Nyanga and Ngounie Water and Land Information System – NYANGOU WALIS PROJECT

This project focuses on understanding the development of channel geometry and habitats in a high energy, High Cascade stream environment. To measure the stream channels longitudinally in such an extremely complex environment, new mapping techniques based on ground-based structure from motion and Kinect structured light mapping are being developed and tested. A combination of centimeter-scale mapping and agent-based modeling approaches will allow digital stream ecosystem simulation at the organism scale.

Publications and associated Abstracts

Dieudonné Moukétou-Tarazewicz & Marcin Sobczak, Nyangou (South west Gabon in Central Africa) Land cover characterisation using the remote sensing techniques, EARSeL: 2nd Workshop on remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone, Porto, Portugal, 2005.

Dieudonné Moukétou-Tarazewicz, Jak wyszukiwać i korzystać z bezpłatnych obrazów satelitarnych, Okólnik TD, Biuletyn Informacyjny Klubu Teledetekcji Środowiska Polskiego Towarzystwa Geograficznego, Warszawa, 2008, str.1.

Dieudonné Moukétou-Tarazewicz, Geoprocessing and GIS for Ecotourism Evaluation and Plannig in the Ngounie-Nyanga Region Southwest Gabon, 30th EARSeL Symposium Remote Sensing for Science, Education, Culture, Paris, France, 2010.

Dieudonné Moukétou-Tarazewicz, Preliminary geomorphological mapping of the Ngounié watershed in the south-west Gabon, 34th EARSeL Symposium, Warsaw, Poland, 2014.